First Workshop (1:40 – 3:00 p.m. to include an ice breaker)
Meetings Beyond Logistics: Becoming Consultative Sales & Marketing Professionals©

All the buzz is that meetings should be experiential and interactive. Attracting those meetings to your facilities means learning how meetings can create new and different learning environments, experiences and outcomes.

By participating in this session you will learn and experience:

the importance of play and fun for meeting success, some of which can be used at your staff meetings and pre-cons,

how helping clients create new and different learning environments, delivery formats and experiential learning will enhance your ability to attract customers, and

features of meeting you can market for more audience-centric meetings and how better to
service those same meetings.

Prior to the session, please identify and examine a meeting you think could use an infusion of
"oomph" on which to focus.

Second Workshop (3:15 – 4:30 p.m.)
What’s Ethics Got to Do with It? Selling and Marketing With Reputations in Mind©

Business ethics, under scrutiny generally, are a greater issue for everyone in today’s business climate. Issues concerning, for example, payment of commissions, relationships with vendors, meeting points or rewards, and other types of non-monetary gifts or items of value, have raised and continue to raise concerns. In this interactive session, we will, using scenarios, discuss the issues and topics that can result in "gray areas" as they relate to industry professionalism and ethics and determine what steps marketing and sales professionals and their employers, and clients need to take. Joan encourages you to send her your ethical dilemmas, which, if used, will be done so in confidence, to

As a result of participation in this session, you will:

define and determine questions about "grey" areas

frequently encountered. prepare to evaluate industry practices that create or give rise to ethics discussions.

develop questions to ask in the creation of guidelines to address consistency in ethical practices.

As part of both workshops, useful resources will be provided.

Registration will open March 31, 2017.


Joan Eisenstodt founded Eisenstodt Associates, a Washington, DC-based meetings and hospitality consulting, training and facilitation company in 1981. She brings lots of years of experience to her work with corporations, associations, hotel companies and DMOs, to facilitate and design meetings, conduct training, perform departmental audits, negotiate contracts and serve as an industry expert witness.

Joan is a past Chair of the ASAE Ethics Committee and is active in industry and non-industry organizations. Joan's passions for life-long learning, meeting preparation, risk anticipation and
contingency planning, ethical and inclusivity practices, and meeting excellence have been well recognized by MPI, HSMAI, IACC, PCMA, and NSA [speakers not spies!]; as an inductee into the CIC Hall of Leaders, and by the PCMA Foundation for Lifetime Achievement as an Educator.

She blogs at